26. dec. 2011

A warm cop of chocolate

Hope you all had a good christmas with great food and nice presents.

While you are sitting and enjoying the presents, the snow (not in Denmark), the holiday (for some), then make yourself a nice cop of warm chocolate.

Our dear friend Nicolas Vahé has made this easy recipe for you:

Hot chocolate:
(For 2 pers.)
75 g dark chocolate 73%
20 cl milk
30 cl cream
2 tsp sugar (cane sugar if you have)

Put the milk and 20 cl whipping cream in a saucepan - warm it up without make it boil. Put the chopped chocolate and sugar in. Whip the 10 cl cream to whipping cream. Serve the warm chocolate with whipped cream on the top.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Looks delicious, it's a perfect day to make one myself!

  2. Delicious! Happy New Year, Sandra

  3. sound sooo delicious, I need to try. greetings from germany, geisslein

  4. Agree.....looks very delicious :)


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