31. dec. 2011

Happy new!

The last day of the year has come - tonight it is new year eve! A new year is laying ahead of us - full of new exciting moments.
Thank you for the year 2011 - you have been are great support! Hope you will join us for the year 2012 :)

26. dec. 2011

A warm cop of chocolate

Hope you all had a good christmas with great food and nice presents.

While you are sitting and enjoying the presents, the snow (not in Denmark), the holiday (for some), then make yourself a nice cop of warm chocolate.

Our dear friend Nicolas Vahé has made this easy recipe for you:

Hot chocolate:
(For 2 pers.)
75 g dark chocolate 73%
20 cl milk
30 cl cream
2 tsp sugar (cane sugar if you have)

Put the milk and 20 cl whipping cream in a saucepan - warm it up without make it boil. Put the chopped chocolate and sugar in. Whip the 10 cl cream to whipping cream. Serve the warm chocolate with whipped cream on the top.

24. dec. 2011

"From all of us to all of you" - Merry christmas

The day we all have been waiting for has come - Christmas eve!

Is the Christmas tree decorated beautifully and ready for the big evening? Are all the gifts wrapped and laid under the tree, or are they still hidden away in cupboards and bags? Have the candles been lit in the whole house - to make a nice warm atmosphere?
Hope you are all excited for a lovely day and evening with the family. 
Best wishes for a good evening - "from all of us to all of you" - 
Merry Christmas from the House Doctor.

23. dec. 2011

Wrap the presents beautifully

Time for wrapping in the last presents. Wrap them in beautiful paper, use all kinds of ribbon, decorate with sparkling Christmas baubles. Lots of opportunities for being creative.

22. dec. 2011

Decorate with "modern nature"

A bit of inspiration from "Alt for damerne".
Can you spot the House Doctor products?''

"And the product and winner is...." version 2

The long-awaited revelation of the new Everyday product has been prevented because of a very busy week before Christmas. 

21 out of 29 came up with the right product - well done! The hidden product is a new laundry basket/storage bin! Cool for the bathroom!

We have drawn straws between the 21 correct answers, and the lucky winner is:
Delianne Meenhorst 
(Delianne: send your informations to ask@housedoctor.dk and we will send you a nice christmas present)

17. dec. 2011

Ris a la mande

Ris a la mande - a  traditional Danish Christmas dessert which you should try at home! And why not serve it in our beautiful new cups "Café Late":)


Ris a la mande:
3 cups of water
180 g Pudding Rice
1 liter of milk
100 g blanched almonds
Grains from 2 vanilla beans
4 tablespoons sugar
¼ liter of whipping cream

Rice pudding:  
Cook the rice with the water over a moderate heat and stir for approx. 2 min. Add milk and cook the porridge at low heat, still stirring for approx. 10 min. Keep a lid on and cook for ½ hour - stir once a while. Put the porridge covered in the fridge until it is cold or till the next day.

Chop the almonds. Stir the cold rice pudding, vanilla grains, sugar and almonds together. Whip the cream to a light foam and fold it gently into the porridge. Leave the Ris a la mande in the refrigerate at least 2 hours. 

Serve it with warm cherry sauce.

16. dec. 2011

Sneak peek S/S 2012 competition! Version 2

It is Friday and therefor we once again ask: "- what new product do you think is on the picture?"

Write a comment with your guess within the upcoming weekend. Among the response we will once again draw one winner who will receive one of the secret christmas present from House Doctor!

Which new product is on the picture?

15. dec. 2011

Off to print!

The everyday 2012 catalogue  is now off to print! The big countdown has started - within a few weeks the catalogue will be online!

Hope you are ready for a new House Doctor world... :)

14. dec. 2011

Rustic christmas table

Set the christmas table in a beautiful rustic way. The wine glasses and deer are from House Doctor. Photo from Alt for damerne.

The designers wish list

Need some ideas for your own christmas presents? Maybe you can get a bit of inspiration from our designer Rikke's personal wish list.

The article is from the Swedish magasin Harligt Hemma - Jul & Advent

13. dec. 2011

Christmas with traditions

Today - the 13th of December - is Santa Lucia day. A beautiful tradition which still today is kept alive in Denmark. But how important is traditions to you? Is Christmas a walk down memory lane or do you like to make your own "modern" traditions?

We are already starting up our autumn/christmas catalogue Moments 2012 - so we are really curious to hear how you celebrate christmas or hear what new christmas products you would like to see!

12. dec. 2011

"And the product and winner is...."

5 of you guessed correctly: We are happy to present our 2 new umbrellas / sunshades / parasols "Jackie" for the upcomming 2012 season. Ready for the Beaches all around the world!

We have drawn straws between the 5 correct answers, and the lucky winner is:
Rosalie Malham!   
(Rosalie: send your informations to ask@housedoctor.dk and we will send you a nice christmas present)

Want to be the lucky winner of a House Doctor present ? Keep an eye out for new products on the blog the upcomming week. :)

Sneak peek S/S 2012 competition!

Our little competition from last Friday is over! More information about the secret product and who the winner is later today :)

9. dec. 2011

Sneak peek S/S 2012 competition!

Yesterday was the big "in-House" unveiling. All our agents around the world came - ready to be the first to see the new catalogue and all the new S/S products. And they loved it!

There are still a few more weeks to go before we can show it to rest of the world - BUT we have decided to give you a few sneak peeks the next couple of weeks. "Spot a product" - what new product do you think is on the picture? Write a comment with your guess within the upcoming weekend. Among the response we will draw one winner who will receive a secret christmas present from House Doctor!

Hope you will join us!  
Which new product is on the picture?

8. dec. 2011

Light a candle

Make your home extra cosy in the winter time - light a lot of candles in the dark.

7. dec. 2011

Simple beauties

It doesn't get any more simple and pure - our new Christmas decorations in the paper, "Pleated" and "Star". Love at first sight - don't you agree?

6. dec. 2011

House Doctor in a TVIS Kitchen

The danish kitchen company TVIS has send us this great "behind the sceens" pictures from their new TV spots. A kitchen full of House Doctor products!
 See more at www.tvis.as

5. dec. 2011

Decorative Showcases

The magazine "ALT for damerne" has created beautiful decorations under our glass Showcase's.

Sculptural Vases

Our new vase "Wave" is a beautiful sculpture - either by it's own - or together with Christmas decorations on a rustic branch. The vase is available in 5 colours. Maybe you will find it under your christmas tree this year?

3. dec. 2011

True Christmas Spirit

Get into the right Christmas mood with Moon Light Chain - a quick and easy way to style your home.

2. dec. 2011

The Danish magazine, ALT for Damerne, have been visiting House Doctor's designer - Rikke Juhl Jensen. Get a sneak peek of her private home and how she celebrates Christmas.

1. dec. 2011

From all of us - to all of you

The calendar says 1st. of December = Christmas is here!  
Christmas is the time of the year to spread joy and pamper each other - therefore, until the 24th of decmeber, we will pamper you with our special House Doctor calendar! 24 days full of inspiration, treats and wonderful Christmas atmosphere. 
Do you not know what you wish for Christmas? Then we might be able to help you out :) So join us daily, and share your new Christmas wishes with friends and acquaintances.

Hope you will enjoy :) ho ho hoooo ....