28. dec. 2013

It's time to redecorate

Stars, light, ornaments, glitter and sparkle, spruce and mistletoe … Home might suddenly feel rather empty when all the Christmas dazzle come down. So why not take this opportunity to redecorate your home using art, posters and pictures to create a new inspiring and cosy setting.

Check out the Danish magazine Boligliv's styling spread using House Doctor posters and canvas photographs. Which one is your favorite?

For more on our range of wall decor visit www.housedoctor.dk.

26. dec. 2013

DIY on how to personalise your desk

The Dutch blogger Souraya Hassan has once again expressed her creativity using a House Doctor product.

Check out her DIYs of our MIX desk in birch veneer at www.bintihomeblog.com or visit www.housedoctor.dk to see our entire furniture collection.

With simple means Souraya has created two personalized versions of the MIX desk. Notice the details in how she only paints parts of the desk leaving the beech veneer to stand out.

22. dec. 2013

Less is more

... sometimes even when it comes to Christmas table settings.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the elaborate Christmas festivity that may characterise the traditional Christmas table settings try experimenting with contrast of materials within a subdued colour scale.

This is an example of more simplistic table setting using delicate tinted glass, rustic ceramics, spruce branches and simplistic ornaments for a simple, grounded and beautiful Christmas table setting.

Visit www.housedoctor.dk to see the entire collection.

20. dec. 2013

Psst… Have a sneak peek of our upcoming 2014 collection.

A sensory composition ss2014 is the latest House Doctor treatment for your home. 
You’ll find funky veneer furniture as well as inspiring art, handmade ceramics and sculptural lamps. 

The full collection will be online on www.housedoctor.dk shortly after New Year. 
Let us know what you think! 

18. dec. 2013

Gray tone Christmas decor

Christmas decorating doesn’t have to be all about colour and lavish displays. 

Souraya Hassan is the woman behind the Dutch interior blog www.bintihomeblog.com. Check out how she uses POINT – our Christmas decorating stars – in creating a gray tone table setting.

16. dec. 2013

In need of some last minute gift ideas?

Check out our range of fine jewellery - romantic motifs like doves or love statements will delight the romanticist while bracelets with symbolic pendants and rustic rings will appeal to the fashionista. 

The jewelry shown is made from sterling silver and gold plating. 
See the entire range of House Doctor jewellery on www.housedoctor.dk

11. dec. 2013

Pretty and practical workspace

Create a personal workstation by leaving your office tools out on display – and keep track of your bits and bobs with our home office storage solutions.

This way you have all of your tools within reach for wrapping presents and writing greeting cards. Pretty and practical.

Check out all of our home office products on www.housedoctor.dk.

9. dec. 2013

It's a wrap

A beautifully wrapped present is even more of a joy to receive. You’ve put time and effort into finding the right present – so let the effort show.

Let the wrapping reflect what’s inside and build the suspense by dropping small hints… What might for instance be in store for the receiver of the present decorated with an oversized safety pin? 

4. dec. 2013

Share your inspiration

We would love to see how YOU have decorated YOUR home for Christmas! Mail us a picture of your favourite Christmas decorated home spot using House Doctor products – be it an inspirational window decoration, a welcoming Christmas arrangement at your front door, a creative advent decoration or something else you feel defines the Christmas spirit in your home.

It’s up to you – All we ask is that it’s beautiful, creative and inspirational.
Each week until Christmas we will choose and post the most inspirational ideas on our facebook page – because sharing is caring ;-)

Mail your favourite photo to media@housedoctor.dk or upload it in a personal message on our Facebook page

Merry Christmas!

2. dec. 2013

Natural decor

The Danish magazine BoligLiv presents a series of inspiring ideas on how to create the right Christmas mood by mixing pastels and elements from nature. Here are a few of the best – using House Doctor products. 

Create a rustic still life by mixing dried twigs and flowers with candlelights, cobber and stone. Idea: Roughly paint an uneven, wooden board to use as the backdrop of the arrangement emphasizing the mood.

Replace the traditional bookshelf in December and create a unique Christmas tree to display your favourite designs instead. 

Combine pieces of driftwood and hollow stones with your more delicate Christmas ornaments – to bring out the beauty by contrast. 

December has only just started so you still have time to arrange your calendar presents and enjoy the look of them for the rest of December. Use a printer’s drawer to present and coordinate your calendar presents. 

Using a big wooden branch as your Christmas tree shows off your ornaments and beautifully wrapped presents.

1. dec. 2013

December decorating in progress…

At House doctor we celebrate Christmas every day of December. We have wrapped a selection of our most beautiful Christmas ornaments and put the presents under our tree. Every day until Christmas a ”house doctor” will open a present and decorate the tree.

Try it at home with the family and let the Christmas spirit evolve as the decorating progresses.

Follow the decorating progress here on our blog as we count down to Christmas.

Check out the entire collection of House Doctor Christmas ornaments at www.housedoctor.dk

29. nov. 2013

Acrylic Christmas beauties

In two days it’s the first Sunday of Advent, which means the Christmas cheer is – officially – here. 

House Doctor presents two different inspirational examples of beautiful Advent decorations. 

We enjoy the beauty of contrasts. See how you can style your House Doctor acrylic products in lovely combinations with pinecones and glittery details.

Acrylics also go well with warm copper tones. Edge it up by mixing natural and artful materials.

Which one do you like the best? 

Check out the entire collection of Christmas ornaments on www.housedoctor.dk

27. nov. 2013

How to display your Christmas gifts

This month the Danish magazine Femina has featured House Doctor products in a spread on how to decoratively display your advent presents and Christmas cards. 

Display your Christmas cards on the wall using masking tape to graphically map out a modern Christmas tree.

Hide your small gifts in imaginative boxes like matchboxes or empty tea cans and decorate with wrapping paper.

The classical mantel display with a twist. Wrap your gifts in colourful paper napkins instead of wrapping paper.

Use beautiful textile ribbons to display your gifts. Make sure to stick to a colour scheme to obtain a classy look.