24. sep. 2012


Autumn is here, and it is time to get some extra vitamins to keep up the great energy! Sadly it's a fact that the vitamin bottle labels are made without thought for design.

Fill in your vitamins in our new bottles - put it on the tabel and remember your daily dose :)

20. sep. 2012

Pure style-balsam for your styling-soul

Get inspired by these beautiful styling made by the danish magasin RUM.

Pure style-balsam for your styling-soul!

18. sep. 2012

Elegant metal

This season is full of new furnitures.

One of the new looks we LOVE, is our black metal furnitures "Functional".
A collection of two table sizes, a bench and chair.

Furnitures which will give your home a raw, but minimalist and beautiful look

- indoor as well as out door!

Get all the details at our website here

12. sep. 2012

Colourfull office

New season = new box design!

Our popular handmade boxes are of course available in new patterns, new colours AND now with leather buttons!

To escort the boxes, we have made new cool note books - a "must have" for all your great ideas :)

Check them out at our website: www.housedoctor.dk

10. sep. 2012

Grab the style with "ALT Interiør"

We love when stylists are using our products!

Check out this beautiful feminin fabricstyle, made by the danish magazine ALT Interiør - maybe there's inspiration for your home?

7. sep. 2012

The perfect recipe for a sweet weekend

It's weekend = time to spoil ourself with a little sweet :)

... and of course we've got the perfect recipe!
1: Bake Emmas chocolate/walnut muffins
2: serve them in our colourful cup cake liners
3: line them up in our NEW colored Soda boxes

Here you go! It doesn't get any better :)

Emmas chocolate/walnut muffins

200 g 44% Dark Chocolate
60 g Butter
60 g flour
1 tsp. baking powder
0.25 tsp. salt
2 Eggs
135 g Sugar
1 vanilla pod
1 tsp. coffee

60 g 44% chopped dark chocolate
60 g chopped Walnut kernels

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Melt the chocolate (200 g) and butter in a water bath.
Cool down a bit.

Mix the flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl.

Beat the eggs, sugar, vanilla grains and coffee to an airy eggnog.
Mix the chocolate/butter and flour mixture in the eggnog.
Turn the chopped chocolate (60 g) and chopped nuts in.
(the mixture will be more solid than regular muffin batter).

Spread the batter in greased tins and bake them for 15 minutes.
Be careful that they do not get too much - they should be moist inside.

Bon appetit :)

6. sep. 2012

Does it get any cuter?

♥ Absolutely adorable ♥

Picture from a dedicated House Doctor follower.
House Doctor anno 2005 meets beautiful child anno 2012.

Does it get any cuter?

5. sep. 2012

Travel with style

Our new cool VAC serie of cotton and leather bags, are perfect for travelling.
Combined with our leather purses, key cat etc. your bag will be fully in control!

Check out our big collection of bags at our website www.housedoctor.dk

1: "Vac" hand bag
2: neck bag
3: key cat
4: "Vac" toilet bag
5: "Old school" Purse
6: "Simple" iphone cover
7: "Old school" ipad cover


3. sep. 2012

LOVE what you are doing!

Once again the danish stylist Anette Eckmann made a beautiful - and this year - thoughtful trendzone, at the Formland fair.

"Labour of love" was the theme:

great success requires hard work, but most of all - lots of love!

Hope you will LOVE Anettes inspiration ♥

Check out more pictures at our facebook profil here!

Read more about Eckmann Studio at http://www.eckmannstudio.com/