27. okt. 2010

Which one is your favorite?

Here's the first christmas post(more to come!) - a small selection of our ornaments - which one is your favorite?

22. okt. 2010

Pale & Interesting

A few days ago we received a newsletter from Pale & Interesting - it is a great joy to visit ther webshop(as usual) - we love their unique style.
Here's a few of their beautiful pictures with House Doctor items.

Have a great weekend!(today the sun is shining - Yes!!)

images: Pale & Interesting

20. okt. 2010

Colors on a grey day!

Here in Denmark it is raining and raining! This picture made us dream away - hope it will do the trick for you too;)

Image: stylebubble

18. okt. 2010

t.i.n.g. Silkeborg

These images are from t.i.n.g. - another inspiring shop - see more here
Happy monday!

8. okt. 2010

Blå Fugl, Ålborg

We wish you all a great weekend!
These pictures are from "Blå Fugl" - a colourful shop in Ålborg - see more on their website, enjoy!

5. okt. 2010


I came across this funky picture the other day on Frk NØ's Roderier - she has used giftpaper from House Doctors as wallpaper - just by using double sided tape! - simple and very decorative!

Picture: Frk. NØ's Roderier

4. okt. 2010

Diamond lights

"Diamond lights" is the name of this sculptural lightbulb. It's designed by the swedish designer Eric Therner. How stylish!