21. okt. 2011

New catalogue by BODIE and FOU!

BODIE and FOU have produced their first catalogue, and it is full of House Doctor products!

“BODIE and FOU is a chic, inspiring concept store (online) for design lovers in search of cool, modern designs for the home and unique, beautiful gifts. It's a haven of inspiration & creativity with a collection of home accessories, lighting, furniture, gifts for men, gifts for her carefully selected, happily mixing together inspiring European designs with the best of chic French homeware. It's friendly, enjoyable, stress-free and open 24/7... No crowd, no noise, no parking ticket, no heavy bag to carry...pure bliss”

You can see the catalogue online here.

18. okt. 2011

IN & OUT - Søndervig

Last weekend the entire House Doctor staff visited the danish city Søndervig. It was a great day with lots of fun. We had an unforgettable sunset ride on a Segway down the beach, which gave many of us the autumn wind in our hair and red noses... (some of us still freezes ... :-))

If you are going to Søndervig,  it is worth visiting the International Sand Sculpture Festival www.sandskulptur.dk - not to mention the interior shop "In and Out" who sell a lot of House Doctor products!

14. okt. 2011

House Doctor meets Magasin, Aarhus

Get ready Aarhus! Now you can find House Doctor in Magasin, Aarhus. Stop by and have a look… 

7. okt. 2011

World class Tiramisu!

This week we have been spoiled with Dominique's world class tiramisu! Absolutly wonderful!!!

You need:
4 pasteurized egg yolks
100 g icing sugar
Grains from 1 vanilla pod
2 sheets of gelatine
250 g mascarpone
1 cup of mocha or a strong cup of American coffee
A bit of Amaretto (almond liqueur)
Juice from ½ organic lemon
pure cocoa
24 Lady Fingers

Mascarpone cream:

Soften the gelatine in plenty of cold water.

Whip the egg yolks with the sugar and vanilla grains until it is thick. Add mascarpone. Melt the gelatine in a saucepan over low heat. Take a bit of mascarpone, max 1 dl. and mix it well with the gelatine while it is lukewarm. Mix the gelatine in the remaining mascarpone. Then turn the eeg cream and mascarpone mixture gently together.

Let it rest for awhile at the kitchen table, while you mix coffee liqueur and lemon juice together. Put the Lady Fingers in the coffee/lemon drink and let them soak.

Now you are ready to make the cake together!:

Make a layer of Lady Fingers at the bottom of a serving dish - then sprinkle with cocoa powder. Add an adequate layer of mascarpone cream. Make more layers after same concept till you have approximately two layers of each.
Place the tiramisu on ice for at least two hours, then sprinkle one last time with cocoa powder before serving. (Can also be frozen)

Serve with fruit compote. Bon appetit!

5. okt. 2011

House Doctor meets Magasin, Copenhagen

Today House Doctor moved into Magasin du Nord right in the heart of Copenhagen. 30 square meters filled with our products from floor to ceiling! So do you live in Copenhagen or comes to town, you should drop by :)

Next week we are move into the Magasin in Aarhus - so get ready Aarhus!
(more information comming up....)


4. okt. 2011

Fantastic weekend in Hamburg!

This is not the last time we visit Hamburg - what a great city! The weather was terrific this first weekend in October  - there was almost a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Unfortunately it is quite impossible to experience the entire Hamburg in 1 ½ day, but we had a nice walk downtown, a quick look in Eppendorf (unfortunately "Das 7th Zimmer” was closing") and visited the Flea Market in St. Pauli. The highlight was the visit in the area around Sternschanze, there are some great shopping opportunities all over this neighborhood. Particular "Wohngeschwister" is worth a visit!!

We will be back soon to see much much much more of this wonderful city.