31. maj 2010

On location!

Last week we were away on this seasons photo shoot - we had a great time - and we can't wait to show you the result!

21. maj 2010

Finally summer!

The heat has finally reach Denmark - what a joy!
So these days the House Doctor lunch is enjoyed outside in the sun.
These pictues are from our Everyday catalogue 2010 - maybe I'll go to the beach this weekend for a picnic!?

Wish you all a great weekend!

19. maj 2010

classic brunch at "Klassisk Bistro"

The last few days we have been busy with photo shooting the next collection - today we have a small break before we go on location!
These pictures are from the weekend brunch at "Klassisk Bistro" in Jægergaardsgade in Århus, Denmark - it's the most charming spot in town - for a couple of hours I really believe that I'm in the narrow, sheer street of Montmartre, Paris ... And not to forget the food - it is fabulous!

12. maj 2010

Summer dreaming

These pictures from NoaNoa realy made me smile today - so why not share it with you! What have made you smile today!?

Have a great weekend!

10. maj 2010

Autumn 2010!

The House Doctor collection Autumn 2010 is beginning to take shape - the office is full of all the new prints and items - we can't wail to show you!
(stay tuned - we will post some sneak peaks from the new collection soon)

We are busy planning the upcoming photo shot - here's some more pictures from our fantastic location!

7. maj 2010


Ikea has recently launch a new web site where you can explore inspiring homes from all over the world!
This home is from Berlin - just love the "café" style in the small kitchen!

Find your own favourite here

All pictures are from Ikea LIVE

5. maj 2010

Sweet things

Here's a few tips from our Everyday catalogue on how you can arrange cakes and icecream for special moments or just for a warm afternoon - enjoy!

3. maj 2010

"Africa meets neon" by Irina Graewe

-Love these strong colors and shappy walls! The styling is by Irina Graewe -a german stylist - see more amazing pictures here

All pictures are from Irina Graewe