29. nov. 2013

Acrylic Christmas beauties

In two days it’s the first Sunday of Advent, which means the Christmas cheer is – officially – here. 

House Doctor presents two different inspirational examples of beautiful Advent decorations. 

We enjoy the beauty of contrasts. See how you can style your House Doctor acrylic products in lovely combinations with pinecones and glittery details.

Acrylics also go well with warm copper tones. Edge it up by mixing natural and artful materials.

Which one do you like the best? 

Check out the entire collection of Christmas ornaments on www.housedoctor.dk

27. nov. 2013

How to display your Christmas gifts

This month the Danish magazine Femina has featured House Doctor products in a spread on how to decoratively display your advent presents and Christmas cards. 

Display your Christmas cards on the wall using masking tape to graphically map out a modern Christmas tree.

Hide your small gifts in imaginative boxes like matchboxes or empty tea cans and decorate with wrapping paper.

The classical mantel display with a twist. Wrap your gifts in colourful paper napkins instead of wrapping paper.

Use beautiful textile ribbons to display your gifts. Make sure to stick to a colour scheme to obtain a classy look.