26. okt. 2012


Typography is a great styling element for your home, and can be done in a lot of cool ways.

We have made a small selection, which hopefully will inspire you to "go typing"!
Great weekend to all of you!

(see alle the products at our website www.housedoctor.dk)

24. okt. 2012

Chair implants

A new "chair implant" is always refreshing in any home.

Maybe you have a favorite among one of our 4 new chairs?

22. okt. 2012

SPOT A SHOP: TING, Tromsø - Norge

We have been out "shop spotting"!

This time we have been visiting one of the norwegian TING shops - at the very north of Norway, in the town of Tromsø.

A chain of 10 inspiring shops - located in 6 cities all over Norway. Inspiring styling and lots of products = worth a vist!

Find the addresses of their stores on the website www.ting.no, from where you also can order online - or get more inspiration on their blog http://blogg.ting.no/.

18. okt. 2012

Functional sculptures

This season we have been focusing on surfaces, structure, and shapes in our new designs for vases and flower pots. 

Functional and beautiful sculptures for decorating your home.
See the whole collection at our website:


12. okt. 2012

Medicine of the day!

Try out our new aluminum hangers and hooks!
They will for sure have an positive effect at your home :)

Available in cobber, black and silver.

1. okt. 2012

Easy structuring of your week

Write on the glass of our new poster "Structure" with a removable pen, and it will giv you an easy overview of your plans for the week to come!