29. maj 2012

Just like our mom used to do it

Summer time is here, and it is time to start up making great dishes from all the new fresh vegetables and fruit from the garden :)

To give it the feeling of "just like our mum just to do it" - why not serve your homemade strawberry dessert in one of our new perserving jars?

Or serve your homemade ketchup in one of our bottles with ceramic lid. It sure will become a winner of the summer for the barbecuing!

Find the recipe for homemade ketchup at Nicolas Vahé's homepage www.nicolasvahe.com

23. maj 2012

Photoshoot Moments 2012

Busy busy times at House Doctor! The photoshoot for Moments 2012 is over us these weeks :) Great new interesting location - new style - new vibes!

Get ready - the new catalouge is going to be amazing!!!

9. maj 2012

Colourful RUM magazine

This month, the danish interior magazine RUM, has made this beautiful "colour-styling-reportage". 

Can you spot the House Doctor products? One of them is a bit tricky...

Read more about RUM here.

7. maj 2012

Make your private spa

Got a busy everyday? Then there is nothing like going to the spa to relax. But why not bring the spa to your home?

Our big selection of bathroom assecories, sure will give you the feeling of having your own private spa :)

2. maj 2012

Valentina - right in the heart of San Sebastian

Just received pictures from one of our new dealers, the interior store Valentina in San Sebastian, which opened i february.

A great "industrial & vintage" store with a range selection of House Doctor products, and a really inspiring styling!

So are you going to San Sebastian? Then check out Valentina at C/ Bergara 18, 20005 San Sebastian, Spain - right in the heart of the city :)

(see the images in a larger scale at our facebook profil here)