30. mar. 2012

Dorte's lovely "brunsviger"-cake

This week's cake "Brunsviger" - made by Dorte - is a very typical Danish pastry, which you simply must try! Great for the upcoming weekend :) 

(approx. 24 pieces)


¼ liter of milk
50 g yeast
100 g of soft butter
2 tablespoons sugar
½ tsp salt
2 eggs
500 g of wheat flour

150 g of butter
150 g brown sugar (about 2 ½ cups)

Warm up the milk and stir the yeast into it. Mix the remaining ingredients in.  
Knead the dough well until it is smooth and shiny. Spread the dough out into a small, greased baking pan (about 25 x 30 cm) and let it rise in a warm place about. 20 minutes.

Melt the butter and add the brown sugar. Give the mixture a boil while stirring. Make some holes in dough with a spoon, and spread the butter/sugar mixture over.
 Bake the cake for approx 25 min. at 200 °.

28. mar. 2012

New funky lamps

New fynky lamps! The new Base camp lamps are avalible in three variations, the Vintage lamps in two variations and the Wire lamps in two variations.

Maybe one of them will fit perfectly for your home?

23. mar. 2012

Decorate your wall

Need to spice up your walls? Maybe one of the new posters or canvas pictures may be the right one for your wall.

"Cutting edge food" and "Funky beatroot": 65.5 x 90.6 cm 
"Fly high" and "Transportation Unique": 25 x 25 cm

21. mar. 2012

House Doctor in CIBÖNE - Tokyo, Japan

Half a year ago, House Doctor started to sell products in Japan, which has been a great succes! One of the shops who has our products, is CIBÖNE in Tokyo. CIBÖNE is located in “Aoyama”,  one of the most trendy area in Tokyo -  and we are thrilled to see our products in the great shop!

Read more about CIBÖNE at their website www.cibone.com

19. mar. 2012

New book boxes

Need a cool way to store your jewellery or first aid kit? Or does your recipes need to be organized better? Then might one of these 3 new "book boxes" be the right thing for you :)

16. mar. 2012

"Plint" - in the heart of Århus (DK)

Need a good shop to visit in the weekend? Then go and visit on of the three "Plint" stores in Denmark. We have visited one of the stores - in the heart of the danish city Århus.

A colourful shop - full of a great collection of different brands. The whole store is styled in a way, which encourage you to go exploring. Not one shelf is alike. It makes you happy from the moment you enter :)

Find the addresses of their stores on their website www.plint.dk, from where you also can order online - or get more inspiration on their facebook profil.

12. mar. 2012

Light up with NEON!

One of this season's besellers, are our new neon "Block" candle holders.
4 sizes - 7 colours: ready to light up your home with a new cool look!

9. mar. 2012

Sannes beercake

Do you need an easy and really good cake for the weekend? Then try out Sanne's beercake. Easy to make and a joy to eat :)

500 gr flour
500 gr brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. baking soda
1 beer

Mix everything and pour batter into a rye bread form. Bake the cake for 1 hour and 15 minutes at 175 grader.

Eat it with butter on :) Bon appetit...

7. mar. 2012

Decorative safety pin

Once in a while it is good to exaggerate. That also includes products. So why not use a safety pin as a ribbon stand?!

A new funny combination which organises your ribbons, and at the same time looks great as a decoration for you home...

5. mar. 2012

"Must have" - Glass boxes

One of this seasons "Must have", is our new "The Original boxes".
9 sizes and variants - perfect for all kinds of storage.  

In our boxes we have put in candlelights, piece of jewellery, toiletries, tea bags etc. 
What would you storage in your "Original box"?

3. mar. 2012

Unique and useful sculptures

Furnitures are made for practical resons - they have a functional purpose to fulfil, but for us it is also important to look at them as a unique sculptures.

We have made a small selection of some of our new chairs, which we enjoy looking at as well as sitting in.

Maybe you have a favorite???

1: Low back Chair
2: Colony Lounge chair
3: Retro Lounge chair
4: Nest Stool  

1. mar. 2012

Spring is here

1st day of March = 1st day of spring!

The snow has been gone in Denmark for a couple of weeks, and the most beautiful sign of spring, is the flower "snowdrops". It doesn't get any more adorable...

Hope the cold winter has started to let go where ever you are, and that you are ready for the new sparkling life which has started to wake up...