5. mar. 2012

"Must have" - Glass boxes

One of this seasons "Must have", is our new "The Original boxes".
9 sizes and variants - perfect for all kinds of storage.  

In our boxes we have put in candlelights, piece of jewellery, toiletries, tea bags etc. 
What would you storage in your "Original box"?

4 kommentarer:

  1. These are so beautiful! I would love to do a little terrarium in one on the taller boxes.

  2. Anonym3/10/2012

    I am desperate. I so mucn want to order them but cannot find a dealer in Germany. If you happen to know where I can order them online, please contact me:


    thanks so much in advance :)


  3. I live in the US and cannot find a way to purchase these!
    Can someone let me know if you would kindly ship these to the US please?!

  4. Anonym2/22/2013

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