31. maj 2011

Finn-roen interiør - "the little unique in everyday life". Norway

Let's visit our neighboring country Norway.  
On May 5th, 2011, "Finn-roen interiør" opened a fantastic shop in the town of Sarpsborg, south of Oslo. A wunderful blend of new and retro makes the shop charming and unique. Definitely worth a visit...!

If you are unable to visit the store, then keep an eye on their facebook profile - there is always exciting images from the store!

Finn-roen interiør
Oskarsgate 72
1706 Sarpsborg

27. maj 2011

Spot a blog - BODIE and FOU

If you don't already know it - then check out bodieandfou.blogspot.com by Karine Candice. Lovely blog with lots of inspiration - lots of moodboards and lots of House Doctor :)


19. maj 2011

Just a little sneak peek.....

We are so excited! Everything for the next collection is set and ready to go.
Next step: PHOTO SHOOTS! This week all the packshots has been made and next week we are heading for a beautiful location to make pictures for the new catalogue.

It's going to be great!  We just can't wait to show you! So how about a little sneak peak from this weeks packshots session....! Enjoy!.... and who knows - maybe next week we will spoil you with a post from the location... ;)

17. maj 2011

Wally is.....Ester

The "Wally" in the Camilla Plum episode is of course one of our Ester bowls.

15. maj 2011

"Where's Wally?"

Camilla Plum is a colorful Danish gastronome, lecturer, author and food writer - and right now she is current with her lovely new TV program "Krudt & Krydderier" ("Powder & Spices")

Check out first episode and see if you can "find Wally/House Doctor". 

(Sorry for the English-speaking bloggers - unfortunately, the program and the recipes are only available in Danish.)

10. maj 2011

Life in colours - Sisi - Slovenia

Let's go to Ljubljana in Slovenia to visit the beautiful colorful shop Sisi. The photographer Miran Kambic has taken these lovely photos for the rest of us to enjoy. See more at www.sisishop.si

Sisi -Life in colours
Stari trg 30
1000 Ljubljana