2. dec. 2013

Natural decor

The Danish magazine BoligLiv presents a series of inspiring ideas on how to create the right Christmas mood by mixing pastels and elements from nature. Here are a few of the best – using House Doctor products. 

Create a rustic still life by mixing dried twigs and flowers with candlelights, cobber and stone. Idea: Roughly paint an uneven, wooden board to use as the backdrop of the arrangement emphasizing the mood.

Replace the traditional bookshelf in December and create a unique Christmas tree to display your favourite designs instead. 

Combine pieces of driftwood and hollow stones with your more delicate Christmas ornaments – to bring out the beauty by contrast. 

December has only just started so you still have time to arrange your calendar presents and enjoy the look of them for the rest of December. Use a printer’s drawer to present and coordinate your calendar presents. 

Using a big wooden branch as your Christmas tree shows off your ornaments and beautifully wrapped presents.

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