17. dec. 2011

Ris a la mande

Ris a la mande - a  traditional Danish Christmas dessert which you should try at home! And why not serve it in our beautiful new cups "Café Late":)


Ris a la mande:
3 cups of water
180 g Pudding Rice
1 liter of milk
100 g blanched almonds
Grains from 2 vanilla beans
4 tablespoons sugar
¼ liter of whipping cream

Rice pudding:  
Cook the rice with the water over a moderate heat and stir for approx. 2 min. Add milk and cook the porridge at low heat, still stirring for approx. 10 min. Keep a lid on and cook for ½ hour - stir once a while. Put the porridge covered in the fridge until it is cold or till the next day.

Chop the almonds. Stir the cold rice pudding, vanilla grains, sugar and almonds together. Whip the cream to a light foam and fold it gently into the porridge. Leave the Ris a la mande in the refrigerate at least 2 hours. 

Serve it with warm cherry sauce.

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