13. aug. 2010

Favela painting

The place is called Favela - and is a poor neighbourhood on the Santa Maria hill in Rio de Janeiro - what a facelift! The project is sposered by a local paint company - and the painters are locals, who have been educated while working on the project.

Oh, I would like to see it one day!

Read more about the projekt here.

Found via Oh joy!

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  1. What an amazing idea!

  2. What a brilliant idea. Those colours look amazing don't they. Am loving your blog. Pruxxx

  3. How stupid. It's not a place called Favela - it's A favela, which is Brazilian for slum. Hope you receive a warm welcome when you go slumming.

  4. dear Rune,
    you are correct saying that Favela its not the name of the place, the term is used to caracterize a urban area, just like neiborhood. Here in Rio de Janeiro we have some city terms that in other places in the world they don't have. You can not blame or call some one stupid for it. Shame of you also to tell that Favela means slum. Not here in Rio de Janeiro. The look of those places (slum)are extremely poor and sad to see it. Here, in our favelas (we have almost 11 favelas in Rio) are just some eternal underconstruction houses and people who live there have money to do several stuff, first to eat above all and they have acess to public shcools and many other services. They also have television, dvdsplayers and a lot of eletronic stuff in their "poor" houses. You can ask me now how in the hell are their houses so ugly!? Yes, some people of there have no interess to make some thing look pretty, just because many people who live there want to buy something better then make their house look prettier..
    And dear Rune, of course you can visit place like these here!...have you ever being in guetos Queens or Brookling in NY? I have more afraid to be there then here... I'm proud of my collegues who live in Favelas, and instead of julge u could help donate to the program.
    Thanks for Doctor house to spread this brilliant idea! ;))
    Deborah Porto

  5. Fabulous houses! There is a major difference on how they look before and now. Love to see those homes, too! It just brightens up the entire community! What if I turn my home like that? Will my husband be shocked? Ha ha! This week has been very busy for us because we're replacing all of the doors in our home. We replaced some with wooden doors and others with custom iron doors. And I think I'll have to ask my husband if he can make our house like those in Favela also. Ha ha! Thanks for sharing this one!