3. aug. 2010

Cool recycling!

One of the big themes this season is recycling! Here's a few pics from our Moments collection.

The yellow paper/magazine holder is made of old cycle racks - it's avaible in yellow and red.

The letters are made of old iron with print/colour.

The stool and sofa is a part of our Canvas Collection. The items in the Canvas Collection are all handmade from old recycled canvas. The canvas has been collected in India, where it has been used for many different purposes: as covers on old trucks, in the fields where farmers have used it covering their crain, etc.

The large drum is made by old drums, which has been cleaned, painted and have en cool industrial print.

- that means that each piece is unique and have a very personal expression!

The items will be in the shops end August/start September!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Your catalogue is a real pleasure!!

  2. That sofa is amazing!! Excellent Scandinavian design ;)

  3. So happy that I found you through this fb page:

  4. The new catalogue is great :) Only thing is: it cannot be downloaded, when clicking on the download icon it says "bad request". Would be great to have it as PDF offline. Thanks a lot.

  5. Just discovered your blog. What amazing things you have. Absolutely love it!!! Pruxxxx

  6. Hi Everybody,

    First of all - thanks for all of your lovely comments;)

    You can now download the catalogues by clicking the icon - thanks for letting us know!

    Have a great day!