24. mar. 2014

Shop of the day: BARK Interiør

Meet Lisbeth, the creative owner, heart and soul of the very personal and homely BARK Interiør shop in Give, Denmark.

”I opened BARK a year ago - and in September 2013 the webshop www.barkshop.dk was added to the mix. My idea with BARK is that of a ”live interior design magazine”.

I want BARK to be a place of colour and personality where my customers really feel at home. That’s why I showcase the items in an environment that mirrors that of a personal home. Interior decorating is in my DNA and my own home is in constant creative movement.”

”After 15 years in the fashion industry entering into the world of interior design was like coming home. It’s always been my dream to open by own interior shop so when the right location became available I quit my steady job and made my dream come true.”

Lisbeth can’t wait to welcome you to BARK Interiør so stop by Østergade 20, 7323 Give, Denmark or visit her webshop www.barkshop.dk

Here you’ll find a broad selection of House Doctor designs, Nicolas Vahé delicacies and other beautiful and funky designs – all handpicked by Lisbeth.

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