8. sep. 2011

New nordic kitchen

Do you need new inspiration for your kitchen? Maybe you should try out with a "nordic look". Natural scheme, handmade glass with authentic shapes, wood structure and stoneware gives a contemporary rustic look.

Here is our "TOP 10 list" of products which quickly will give your kitchen new life!

1:   New stoneware plates, bowls and cups.
2:   Acacia spatula, wooden spoon and spaghetti spoon. 
3:   New storage jars with acacia lids
4:   Wooden table
5:   Cutting boards of acacia.
6:   New hand blown water glass in 4 colours.
7:   New Nicolas Vahé scale 
8:   Linen tablecloths.
9:   New hand blown wineglass
10: New wooden boxes

Which are your favourites?!

3 kommentarer:

  1. wow! I love them all! maybe the plate a bit more. thank you!

  2. It looks really wonderful! Tasty design!

    Love Emelie & Elin

  3. Anonym9/13/2011

    Where can we buy your products ??! :(