20. apr. 2011

Love is in the air

Our first visit in Amsterdam and we are completely in love! A city you can not describe with words! So all we want to say is: GO THERE! It can only make you happy.

Leave the busy life at home and take a walk at the beautiful canals, have the best apple cake in the city at Winkel 43 - but before getting too comfortable - then do remember to go “sightseeing” in all the lovely shops!
So many shops to see - but where to start? We’ve spotted four interesting shops, selling House Doctor products, you have to visit!


Kitsch Kitchen
Rozengracht 8-12 / 1016 NB Amsterdam / www.kitschkitchen.nl

De Weldaad (01)
Reestraat 1 / 1016 DM Amsterdam / www.weldaad.com

De Weldaad (02)
Noordermarkt 35-36 / 1015 NA Amsterdam / www.weldaad.com

Het Grote Avontuur
Haarlemmerstraat 25 / 1013 EJ Amsterdam / www.hetgroteavontuur.nl


13 kommentarer:

  1. Nice collection of shops! And happy to hear you like my former city :-)

  2. the little robot in the second last picture to the left, do you know were it's from? :)

  3. I love Amsterdam. All the winkel, the spirit, the flower, the bikes, ... Like like like
    Greets Nicole

  4. lovely pictures! =)


  5. "Tulpen and Appeltaart" :) A'dam is a great city, I'm so lucky it's in my country.

  6. Haha, lucky me, it's the city I live in! Lovely pictures of great shops you have posted here. Love, Maaike

  7. Amazing, I really like the owls!

  8. amsterdam has it! i've been to áll the places two weeks ago and i always get so many inspiration visiting this city.

  9. So nice to hear that you love my hometown Amsterdam. After living here for thirty years now I still can see the beauty and feel the nice feel of this city.

  10. Sounds nice!


  11. @ Louise: Unfortunately we do not know for sure where the little robot is from but I'm sure if you contact Het Grote Avontuur they will guide you in the right direction :) good luck!

  12. I want to visit Amsterdam now!