2. jul. 2010

Glade Midsommer!

Last friday our friends in Sweden celebrated "Midsommer" - Midsummer - A day together with good friends, lots of herrings  and flowers in the hair! I was so lucky to be invited by good friends - and what a beautiful day it was! Here's a few pictures from the day - I wish it could be Midsommer everyday!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Anonym7/02/2010

    looks pure delightful - and the wild strawberries too x

  2. i looooove your style,
    greetings from spain

  3. Midsummer in Sweden is wonderfull.

  4. Beautiful pics, make you want to be there.
    Thank you for sharing

  5. What wonderful shots!! So cool. With a polaroid? Very interesting for me from Sydney seeing how you guys live and celebrate... Pxxx