30. mar. 2010

House Doctor Furniture - see and feel!

The Ikast-based shop, House Connect, expands with a complete House Doctor Shop - the first shop in Danmark where you can see and feel almost every furniture in the House Doctor collection among with many other House Doctor items. The shop is located in Ikast, Rømersvej 19B - the Grand opening is today and tomorrow 30/31 of March! Visit www.houseconnect.dk for further information.

We congratulate!

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  1. Anonym7/30/2010

    To whom it may concern
    We are highly interested in opening the shop with the all the sort of unique pieces of furniture and accessories, which allow to organize ‘a real home’. We are not interested in ‘any’ products in province style … we are interested only in a good quality products with the touch of artistic look.
    By now we are an artistic centre and the biggest dance studio in Poland www.lillahouse.com We take care of ours interiors to have specific artistic look in all of our schools – here you may see the interiors of our studio http://www.exclusive.lillahouse.com/onas.html
    Now, inspired by our self-experience, we want to take one step further and open a shop (first online – webpage under construction) where all the unique things could be found.
    We just have started decorating our homes and we came to the point when it was hard to find things which would be different from all the manufactured products on the Polish market. And although we managed to find some of your products we definitely felt a huge insufficiency.
    That’s why we decided to open our own shop. We are enchanted with your products. We are mostly interested in: Applied Art., Garden, Raw and Sophisticated.
    We wonder if the first purchase must have the minimum limits?
    We would also like to ask about delivering and payment conditions. We are willing to sign the contract as soon as we receive the catalogue and terms of the contract. Once we saw your products, we were more than sure we want to be a part of it.
    We are looking forward to a future partnership.
    Magdalena Wieczorek & Małgorzata Wojdal