29. mar. 2010

A bite of heaven! / En bid af hilmlen!

I visited this nice café this weekend - it is called "En bid af himlen - A bite of heaven" - and I was in heaven! The food was great: homemade, rustic bread and lots and lots of fine cakes. The interior was charming; old furniture, colorful cushions and a wide range of flowered tableware. And guess what - you could buy the interior - so a combination of going out and second-hand shopping!
Vestergade 15, 7800 Skive - The place is worth a visit!

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  1. hello

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  2. Hi Nathalie,

    Thanks for your request;)

    Please send a mail to info@housedoctor.dk with your details or use our homepage www.housedoctor.dk, become a dealer;)

    Have a nice day!