30. jul. 2013

Moments A/W 2013 catalouge

The new Moments A/W catalogue has arrived!
We are proud to present our new "Mindful Living" collection - hope you will like it...

Mindful living:
Take a deep breath – and feel a sense of calm take hold. The latest treatment from House Doctor brings nature into the home and spreads harmony in body and soul.

Light wood meets raw counterparts such as copper, brass, silver and stone – to give a unique feeling of earthiness and total relaxation. We have added a touch of neon in a few places to create a bit of charming edginess.

Linen cushions, hand-crafted vases and pots are among the more rustic elements of the treatment programme. These elements inevitably make you think of creative craft workshops where life is lived peacefully and in communion with nature.

Mindfulness is essentially about cleaning out exterior chaos in order to create inner calm and serenity. Our wide range of baskets, boxes and other exciting storage solutions is there to do just that.

You can also look forward to an old House Doctor classic – a Danish furniture range – which is now available in light laminate. The design now seems even more Scandinavian than before.

Although Christmas 2013 as always will be a whirlwind of festivities, adding a touch of tranquillity may be a good idea. Paper stars, decorative wooden Christmas trees and metal candle holders give the home the calm and serenity we all crave during the Christmas period.     

Welcome to Moments 2013.

See the online catalogue here

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