22. jan. 2012

Urban Nature by Eckmann Alive Studio

This years beautiful flowerzone Urban Nature  was once again made by the life style and trendspotter studio Eckmann Alive Studio by Anette Eckmann.

Brief about the zone:
60% of the world's population live in cities. More and more people want to grow their crops where they live. Mini gardens, balconies, roof terraces and small pieces of land are cultivated as never before - in the center of big cities all over the world. The new urban "gardeners" have a renewed interest in agriculture and seeks the kind of authenticity country life offers, and at the same time they want excellent ingredients.

Urban Nature is a trendy zone inspired by the city's modern architecture and the good life on the countryside. The zone provides inspiration and ideas for flower shops and plant centers to innovate and meet their customers where they live.

Read more about Annette Eckmann and Eckmann Alive Studio here.

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