19. maj 2010

classic brunch at "Klassisk Bistro"

The last few days we have been busy with photo shooting the next collection - today we have a small break before we go on location!
These pictures are from the weekend brunch at "Klassisk Bistro" in Jægergaardsgade in Århus, Denmark - it's the most charming spot in town - for a couple of hours I really believe that I'm in the narrow, sheer street of Montmartre, Paris ... And not to forget the food - it is fabulous!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Good luck with the shoot.
    Looking forward to se the new collection.

    I work at Home & Cottage and we sell thing from your collection. So we are very excited to see whats new.

    Have a great wednesday.


  2. I love brunches, and the table at your pic looks really yummy. That's the kind of brunch (food, styling...) I like.
    I sell your products at my store, www.verandahogar.com, and I'm also excited to see the new collection.
    Really love your style.

  3. Anonym5/24/2010

    well i work at the place . so i deff think you should try the evenings out as well, at the bistro - please gimme a messeage at soren_ak@hotmail.com and ill hook you up.